“Inspiring, reflective, personal, and deeply mature, Annie’s music draws from many sources. She posesses a masterful talent for melody, woven into a moving and accessible song-writing style. A truly satisfying journey for music fans of many genres, and a constant tug on the heart strings.”


Annie’s music often focuses on finding love and beauty in everyday life. Music has the power to improve lives and touch people in unique ways, and there is an ever-present emotional dimension to Annie’s music that is instantly nostalgic yet surprisingly raw. 


Annie’s been influenced by a wide variety of genres, artists, and experiences. With formal classical and operatic training, to a pop record contract, Annie has covered huge tracts of the musical landscape. Traces of Kate Bush, Sarah Brightman, Patsy Cline, and Joni Mitchell, can be frequently heard. 


At the centre of all of Annie’s musical material is her wonderfully unique voice. With an astounding 4 octave range, and extensive experience with opera/classical, country, musical theatre, pop, and folk, you’ll become an Annie fan after just a few bars.

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DURBAN GIRL – Coming 2018

When the chance to work with a world-famous producer comes along, you say yes. On a songwriting trip to Nashville in 2017, Annie and Fred Mollin met and began discussing the making of “Durban Girl”, Annie’s upcoming third album.

Over the course of a year, and countless discussions and planning, the funds were raised to take Annie to Nashville for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with Fred.

Not only did Fred bring a lifetime of experience to the project, but the musicians on the record have played on more than 100 Top 10 hits combined.

Be Careful What You Wish For – 2017

“Be Careful What You Wish For” marked a change in material and writing style for Annie. Themes of hope, self discovery, childhood memories, and love are strongly evident, and there’s also a broadening of the harmonic pallet and further use of guitar as a writing and performing instrument.

Entirely self produced, “Be Careful What You Wish For” received critical praise from a wide range of radio stations and musical influencers, including CBC and BBC.

Track Info

1 - Be The Mountain

It was pretty soon after a major life change that I wrote this song.  It’s an inspirational piece about mother nature, source, God.. whatever you believe in that is bigger than yourself.  It’s a message of hope and strength and encourages people to pay attention to their surroundings and to see the beauty is all that is around us.

2 - You Fly

This song was written about dreams and the adventures that they take us on.  I had an experience, I don’t think it was a dream as it was so very realistic.  I’ll try to explain… My recollection is that I woke up very late in the night, there was a loud buzzing or vibration all around me.  I decided to sit up and as I did I noticed that it wasn’t my physical body sitting up but rather, the silver lining of me.. my soul.  Yes, very strange but this was my experience. I realized that my physical body was separate from my soul body… I was calm but cautious and as I was sitting up.. I heard my inner voice say clearly…’It’s okay, you’re okay… you can do this”.. So I sat up in my physical body and I saw myself lying there… In that moment I decided to touch my (her) face and thought  “I hope that she doesn’t wake up!” lol When I gently touched my (her) cheek I remember thinking, wow, her skin is so warm and baby soft and then I touched my (her) hair and thought, WOW, I didn’t know that my (her) hair was so soft. Then I woke up as I didn’t want to venture further. I have a feeling that our souls go on journeys at night when we dream.  This song is about that fantasy.

3 - Louise

This is a song about a childhood friend who I haven’t seen in about twenty years.  We were best friends, played piano duets, barbies and buried treasures in her back yard.  I often wonder what she is a up to now.


4 - K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

This is a play on the nursery rhyme.  I wrote this song on the guitar, a newer outlet for me, but one that I’ve loved exploring! It’s a fun and upbeat tune all about falling in love.

5 - Be Careful What You Wish For

There is so much sadness and strain in the world right now. This song is a reminder for us to show hope, love and kindness to those around us as well as to ourselves.

6 - Feel For You

I wrote this song years ago for someone close to me, as a plea for her to never give up. It is a song about abuse, coming out of the darkness and knowing that we are never alone. I’m very honoured that it will be used as the theme song for a massive charity campaign for the Youthdale Foundation – A charity for children with mental illness. In July 2015 I will be climbing the second tallest mountain in Canada with 30 of these remarkable children and the whole adventure will be turned into a documentary.

7 - My Love

Just another love song…

8 - If You Don't Return

Oh dear, another break up song.  I wrote this following the end of an abusive relationship.  Sometimes the hardest thing you can do is find the strength to choose yourself and walk away from a situation that doesn’t serve you.  A quote that describes this perfectly for me is ‘To be selfish within selflessness is the masterpiece’

9 - Dance Around The Sun

I recorded this song while on my first trip to Nashville.  It’s one of my more

‘fun’ songs written to uplift and inspire listeners to face their fears with a smile and acceptance and their breath. It also encourages mindfulness and meditation.

10 - Ode To Peace

It was an improvisational piece that I recorded at my home studio.

Annie Bonsignore. singer, songwriter, pianist, instructor, Etta James, Whitney Houston, Eva Cassidy, Patsy Cline, piano, vocals, Shades of Red, JazzFM, JazzFM91, Toronto, Canada

Shades of Red – 2014

Annie Bonsignore’s self produced debut album, Shades of Red is a collection of 11 original songs with her extraordinary voice accompanied only by piano and violin, with minimalist traces of guitar and percussion. Mini operatic excursions take the place of solos, in this air tight production that really breathes. Ranging from early Brill Building era songcraft to modern Disney stylings, Annie has made an exceptionally beautiful, emotive album, all about the darker shades of love.

Annie’s Bonsignore’s first album will be released in Canada on CD with distribution through Silverbirch Inc and in Digital format with distribution through Itunes. Annie is currently performing in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Click here for her upcoming performance schedule.

“Bravo Annie! I was really struck by your music, and especially your vocals and harmonies”

David Neveu / Pianist and Composer

TRACK INFO (click to expand)

1 - Best Of Me

I remember sitting at my piano writing this song thirteen years ago.The melody came to me in an exhilarating flow and I fell in love with the introduction. I love feeling inspired, especially when it’s in a positive way.My whole world was about to change soon after, with a move to Canada.This song sat, incomplete for 12 years following that.In 2014 I had a spiritual awakening and was inspired to revisit the song and finally complete it, just in time for the release.

2 - Moon Stained Black

A darkness had overcome me, most of my life had felt like one failed attempt at living after another.I was happy on the outside and bored on the inside…and no one would have known but for those closest to me.I did not understand where I had gone wrong, why there had been so much emotional pain and why I felt so stuck in my mistakes, in my past.I was surrounded by good people and I myself have always felt like I am good, yet there was a deep loneliness, a yearning for purpose, to understand the meaning of life, a longing for peace.A longing to let go and to find solace in my dreams.

3 - Treasure Box

This song lends as a reminder to myself and hopefully to others that we always have a childlike innocence within us.This was my therapy in a new world where I had found myself in. I was so young yet I felt like I had lived a thousand lives.This song was a fantasy, an escape of mine that came to life within the music.

4 - I Believe

This song was written following a break up that I held onto for far too long. Sometimes it is difficult to let go of the things that once made us feel so strongly.

5 - Lying In The Dark

Mid tempo, catchy love song about unrequited love.To the point, it’s time to move on, let go and be rid of the chains that heart break brings.

6 - Feel For You

I wrote this song years ago for someone close to me, as a plea for her to never give up. It is a song about abuse, coming out of the darkness and knowing that we are never alone. I’m very honoured that it will be used as the theme song for a massive charity campaign for the Youthdale Foundation – A charity for children with mental illness. In July 2015 I will be climbing the second tallest mountain in Canada with 30 of these remarkable children and the whole adventure will be turned into a documentary.

7 - Sparks Of Fire

I did not write this song about anyone in particular at the time but I do feel like when I write a song, it will have meaning at one point or another in this life.The funny thing is that it was written when I was incredibly depressed.

8 - Loving You Anyway

Just another love song inspired by a guy and a girl, taking turns to love each other, in and out of friendship.This song was featured in an Independent feature film in 2014.

9 - Push and Pull

This is the spin off from ‘loving you Anyway’There is a lotof back and forth in the tempo, which relates to the deeper meaning in the song and the title. It is also the only song on the album where I used percussion, which I played manually on a midi keyboard.

10 - With This Ring

This is an oldie but a goodie.It has also changed a lot over the years.This wedding song was written following the demise of an unhealthy relationship.I was young and I was excited for the changes to come. The older and wiser I get, I realize more and more that everything happens for a reason.I felt like I was writing this about my future self.

11 - Shades Of Red

It was late, probably around 3am when this came to me.I could barely sing the chorus as it made me feel intense emotions of sadness.The lyrics were unfinished when I was approached by Film Folks to have my music placed in their film ‘A Dark Matter’.I rewrote the lyrics to fit the film.It was my first attempt at doing this.