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Annie Bonsignore thoughts of the day and ideas for sharing

Ode To Peace – Available for download, everywhere!

I wrote this song recently and recorded it at my home studio. Hope you like it! Thank you to Khemical Kiss Productions for once again creating this beautiful video for ‘Ode to Peace‘ The song is available for download here! Check out more of Khemical Kiss Productions work here!

‘Over the Rainbow’ Written by Harold Arlen and E.Y Harburg

Hi Friends! I recently discovered this wonderful app called Sing for Smule. This incredible app is great at connecting people from all over the world for karaoke performances in an individual, duo or group song capacity. I LOVE THIS APP!! Here is a cover I did recently of ‘Over the Rainbow’ I hope you like […]

Introduction to Annie’s blog!

  My Blog – It starts! Taddahhhh! welcome to my new website and my first real blog post! My name is Annie Bonsignore and before I get started, I wanted to say a quick shout out to my friend Andrew Colebeck at for helping me to update my site! He really did an amazing job and […]

Can anyone learn to sing? I think so!

Can anyone learn to sing?  I think so!   So I just found this very interesting article and I thought that I would add my two cents!  Take it, don’t take it but I have to agree that throughout my 18 years of being a vocal coach, I can not say that I disagree with […]